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BISS Technologies Global Distribution
BISS Technologies is continuously widening its distribution on an international basis. Our products are currently being exported to United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Europe.

If you are located outside France and are interested in purchasing BISS Technologies products or distributing BISS Technologies products in your region, contact BISS Technologies International Department today on:
Tel. +33 2 4165 5722
Fax. +33 2 4165 5723 or
Email. info@bisstechnologies.com
BISS Technologies France Distribution
BISS Technologies has an extensive Reseller Network across France with support and coverage reaching some of France's remotest areas.

If you are interested in representing BISS Technologies in your area and joining our team, contact us today:
Toll Free. 04 7251 2643 or
Email. info@bisstechnologies.com