When you are looking for cost-effective products and applications for your communications needs, BISS Technologies has the solution. BISS Technologies offers a complete range of quality communications management systems and modules along with a unique range of peripheral and accessory products.

We specialize in cost effective solutions for your mobile Communications needs in Aeronautical Telecommunications Services ATC, Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Ambulance), Utilities, Transport, OEM, Mining, Oil & Gas, Communications, Security Services, Agriculture & Forestry, Building & Construction and Community Services.

The BISS Technologies range of Communication Management Systems and modules includes the BISS Technologies award-winning Radio Management System, Remote Control Handsets and Consoles, Landline and Radio Peripheral Interfaces, DC/DC and RS-232 converters plus a comprehensive range of communications industry solutions.


BISS Technologies has been designing and developing flexible and reliable Telemetry and SCADA Systems for a multitude of applications for 20 years. BISS Technologies Telemetry range includes low profile modular designs for small to medium range of applications; rack mounted for high-density applications and a site monitor series (incorporating SCADA) for Communications Monitoring and Control.

Today we offer a range of effective front-end Telemetry solutions and straightforward applications in remote control, site monitoring, process control and simple protocol conversion.


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