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Argus Telemetry

Argus Telemetry is BISS Technologies latest in Telemetry System. Argus represents a natural progression to a more sophisticated range of products and builds on the highly effective and reliable 9000/9200 Series Remote Terminal Units.

Applications and configurations of both units can be updated either locally or remotely. Expansion boards are available to further increase the unit's capabilities without increasing its footprint. Communications to SCADA packages via MODBUS plus connection to PSTN and PLC's make this a truly versatile product.

The Argus Field Unit is small, rugged, and incredibly flexible with a host of new features. Driven by a 1-6 bit high performance micro, it boasts 512KB of flash memory, 8 isolated inputs, 8 relay outputs, 4 analogue inputs, multiple simultaneous coms ports, real-time clock and is radio capable. More details are available on:-

9000/12 Argus Field Unit Processor
9000/03 Field Unit Height Extender

9000/22 Digital Input Card
9000/32 Digital Output Card
9000/44 Analog Input Card
9000/54 Analog Output Card
9000/03 Maxon Radio Module

Telemetry Applications (89k)

The Argus Max I/O provides the highest functionality in the range. The Max I/O replaces the BISS Technologies 9200 Series RTU and also offers additional features for complex and large scale telemetry applications. More details are available on:-

9200/11M Processor Card
9200/31M 24 Output Relay Card
9200/21M Digital Input Card
9200/40M 16 Analogue Input Card
9200/50M 16 Analogue Output Card
9200/(01,02 or 03)M Subrack
9200/94 (B, C or D) KRONE Termination
EA 20008 Klippon Module

Telemetry Applications (89k)

9000 Series Telemetry
The 9000 Series has been the top seller of our telemetry product line and is efficient, flexible and cost effective with unique features. Its versatility enables gradual integration of the product to replace old equipment building to a stand-alone control system. Software and communications are identical to the 9200 Series.

9200 Series Telemetry
This eye-catching rack mounted telemetry equipment is well known as a popular alarm and Input/Output reporting medium. It introduces new firmware for event driven SCADA Systems allowing remote sites to initiate communications when a change of status occurs. Packages such as CITECT, WIZCON etc can also be utilised allowing existing systems to broaden their monitoring and control.

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Site Monitoring
BISS Technologies Site Monitor Series II assists communication network owners and operators in detecting and preventing failures before they happen. Site Monitor Series is ideal for service critical communications networks and provides remote control, monitoring and performance trending of remote site equipment.

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