960 Series Handsets, Consoles & Plinths

960 General Product Information

960HC Standard Handset
Standard version handset with in-built speaker, conference microphone, desk or wall mount, intercom facility and power/busy LED.

Includes a keyboard for SELCAL encoding and a 3 digit ANI plus STATUS decode facility. A queue of 4 calls can be recalled by scrolling the display. Configuration of the 960HS is easy using the CP960 software supplied with the unit.


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960HP Trunking Handset
The 960HP provides a remote handset option for Motorola SMARTNET™
trunked networks or the ability to "fan-out" to multiple handsets from a single Motorola SMARTNET™ radio.


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960 CC and CSD Consoles
The release of the 960CC and 960CSD consoles continues BISS Technologies long tradition of providing reliable and easy to operate communications peripherals. While the CC version gives the operator all the basic functions, the CSD offer for the first time, SELCAL, ANI and DTMF facilities in a single package. Both units have in-built speaker, mic, VU meter and connections for headset, desk mic and footswitch.

more info on CSD console...

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960C3 Channel Controller
Offering control of up to three individual channels, the 960C3 Channel Controller is ideally positioned between a simple 960 Series Peripheral/900 Series Interface combination and the 950 Radio Management System.

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960PS Standard Speaker Plinth
This practical unit provides a mounting base for any of the 960 Handsets and provides the benefits of louder and clearer audio via a larger speaker, which can either be switched through the handset's hook-switch or heard continuously.

960PE Extension Speaker Plinth
Designed primarily as an extension speaker for the 960 Series of peripheral interfaces, this unit allows for individual volume setting (independent of the connected handset or console) and offers the option of "cross-muting.

960PM Multi-Channel Plinth
Ideal for people who are wanting more than a simple peripheral/interface setup but don't require a full 950 Radio Management System, this unit provides the operator with control of up to three channels.

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